Nursery Time – Prep Up for the Big Leap


The time has finally come, your little toddler is off to nursery. But how do you cope with the separation and prepare your child for their next big leap?

Sandra Stow, Nursery Manager of Horizon Kids Nursery says, “Just like every parent is different, so is every child. Two children of the same age can be very different so, while age is important, so is maturity. Young babies usually settle quickly into nursery, while a toddler may find it more difficult,”

Sandra’s been a part of Horizon Kids nursery for long. Horizon Kids British Nursery School in Dubai offers the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) Curriculum. The curriculum is delivered by qualified Early Years teachers, supported by trained teaching assistants, classroom assistants, nurses and housekeepers.

Horizon Kids British Nursery is passionate about the quality provision in the early years. It recognizes that children grow and develop at different rates and supports each child based on their individual needs and requirements.

“We understand that each child has different needs, particularly if a child has had some previous separation they may settle more easily than one being left for the first time. Young children are adaptable, but it can be confusing for them to move between childcare settings. Although everything may appear much the same to an adult, to the child everything is different,” added Sandra.

Sandra believes that family circumstances also contribute to the way a child may find it easy or difficult to settle at a nursery. According to her, the temperament of a child plays an instrumental role in how toddlers settle at a nursery.

“Some children are outgoing, sociable and independent. Others are more easily distressed, less adventurous and more introverted – these children may need more support before they settle into a nursery. Additionally, if a child is getting over an illness, or coming down with one when they start nursery, this can affect how well they adapt, particularly if it disrupts the settling-in period,” says Sandra.

“Getting your child used to the nursery daily routine is a good first step. To do this, you can ask the nursery for a copy of its daily schedule and make this part of your child’s routine at home. If might be difficult at first, but gradually it gets better,” concluded Sandra.

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